Liverpool’s Top 5 Vegan Eats

We’re only a stone throw away from Liverpool, and in fact, Andy and I actually like just outside Liverpool and drive to Southport to get to The Plant Academy each morning. As cafe owners, we love eating out and supporting other independent businesses.

So here is our Top 5 Vegan Eats in Liverpool.

1. Ital Fresh

Ital fresh aren’t actually a cafe or restaurant, but a pop and street food stall. Currently, they’re doing a pop up every Monday night in Liverpool city centre at Maguire’s. They do Carribean street food and I always try my best to make it to their pop ups because their food is beyond amazing and it’s all 100% vegan. Make sure to try the Wings n Tings. It’ll change your life. The chocolate plantains, too. Basically you can’t go wrong, their food is outstanding! You can find out about their next pop up on their facebook page.

2. Mowgli Street Food

Mowgli’s are an Indian street food restaurant. They’re always busy because everyone know’s that this place is special. They have two restaurants in Liverpool – you can find out more here. They have a vegan menu, so make sure you ask your server for it. The dahls are amazing and the most authentic Indian food I’ve had outside of India. The food is served tapas style, so you pick a few different dishes and a ‘carb’ or two and dig in. YUM.

3. The Bagelry

Nestled in Liverpool’s China Town, this cute little cafe is one of my favourite places to spend a Sunday morning. I love it here because of it’s laid back vibe, delicious bagels, vegan donuts and big pots of loose leaf tea. They have a few different vegan options and I’ve tried them all, I’ve never been disappointed. This place is dog friendly, too, which is perfect for those of you like me who refuse to spend any of your down time away from your bff.

4. Maguire’s Pizza Bar

This was one of the first places I went after I first turned vegan a few years back. I love it for it’s edgy vibe – it’s perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. They have a ton of different vegan pizza toppings, honestly the menu is HUGE. The pizzas are huge, so we usually get nachos and a large pizza to share and a couple of vegan beers. It’s so great! It’s close to central station so if you’re taking public transport it’s nice and handy. They do lots of quirky evening events and they have a small stage in the back and sometimes host small gigs. Check out their facebook for more deets.

5. The Caledonia

The Caledonia is a really cool 100% vegan pub in Liverpool. It used to be a ‘regular’ pub but recently went fully vegan. Unfortunately for me, a lot of their food uses sesame which I’m super allergic to, but I’ve been with friends and they assure the food is insanely good. All the drinks are vegan, too. For those of you who like a good glass of wine, you don’t have to worry about what wine you can and can’t drink! They have a gluten free menu, too. AND it’s dog friendly. Peanut, my little dog, was even given a sweetie bag with dog treats in which was insanely cute!

Where is your favourite place to eat in Liverpool? Let me know at πŸ™‚

Ellie x


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