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Our Fancy NEW website! (+Ebook coming soon?!?!)

You may have noticed a few changes around here recently… The website looks super fancy, there’s up to date news about The Plant Academy vegan cafe, info on where to eat when you’re traveling, and a bunch of super easy and delicious recipes. The Plant Academy just got a whole lot cooler, right?!

We are more than just the cafe, and our goals go beyond creating change in Southport. We want to take The Plant Academy out in to the rest of the world for everyone to use as a resource and to enjoy at home.

With this in mind, we have a few ideas in mind, such as an ebook that we hope to bring out in late spring/early summer that will be filled with recipes from the cafe… snap bars won’t be included but favourites like our Tofu B.L.T and our full english breakfast will be! We will try and keep the cost down to as low as possible, but we’re aiming to provide you with a book you can use every day. In the mean time, you’ll carry on finding recipes here on our new blog. Please share them with your friends, make a meal for your family, and spread the vegan love.

What else do you want to see from The Plant Academy in 2018? Let us know!

Ellie x

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I'm Ellie, owner of The Plant Academy vegan cafe. I'm 25 years old and love spending my time cooking up a storm, traveling the world and exploring nature with my husband and business partner, Andy and our miniature poodle, Peanut.

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