From The Cafe: How to make our vegan kale, pesto & mozzarella toastie

This toastie is so simple yet so satisfying, and it’s been a great success at The Plant Academy vegan cafe. We thought we’d share with you how to make it so you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch (at The Plant Academy, of course), and dinner…


You can use any bread you like, including gluten free. I can eat wheat, so I usually opt for BFree bread or my favourite Gluten Free and vegan Incredible Bakery bread like we use at the cafe. A lot of gluten free bread is not vegan so just check the packet before you buy. Andy can eat gluten so he usually opts for his favourite freshly baked loaf from a local bakery or supermarket.


Super simple, just tear the leaves from the stem and give them a rinse. You’ll need about a handful of kale.

Vegan Cheese

We opt for a vegan mozzarella in this toastie. We’ve tried both the Violife and the Sheese mozzarella in this and both are really good, but we prefer the Sheese mozzarella. This is actually the same as the Tesco own brand free from grated mozzarella, they repackage it and sell it in all big Tesco stores. You’ll need a small handful per toastie of grated vegan mozzarella.


Most pesto is neither vegan or vegetarian as it usually contains parmesan. However, local health food stores usually stock a vegan pesto you can use. Alternatively, you can do what we do and ‘cheat’ and purchase a sun dried tomato cook’s paste which is basically sun dried tomatoes, ground with salt and oil. No animal products involved. This is available at most supermarkets, and is really yummy on pasta, too. If you’re super fancy, go ahead and make your own favourite pesto.


Spread one tablespoon of your chosen pesto on to each slice of bread, on one of these slices, add the mozzarella and kale and the other slice of bread on top. If you’re super fancy and have a toastie press, grease the plates with some olive oil and stick that bad boy in for a few mins until the cheese is nice and melty. Otherwise, you need a good quality frying pan, and get it hot with a little olive oil. Add the toastie and press down with a spatular until the bread is toasted, then flip it and toast on the other side. The trick is not to have you pan so hot that the bread burns, but not too low that nothing happens. Try and find a nice medium where it all toasts and melts perfectly. Give it a few attempts and you’ll be a pro!

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