About The Plant Academy

The Plant Academy was a dream and long term aspiration of Eleanor, who worked in cafes, pubs and restaurants during her undergraduate and masters degrees. Upon graduating, Eleanor moved back to her hometown of Southport and decided to fuse her passion of cooking and hospitality with her love of healthy plant based eating, and The Plant Academy was born, officially opening its doors in April 2017.

The Plant Academy is all about celebrating eating vegetables. We don’t believe that plant based food has to be boring and tasteless. We know that even broccoli can taste amazing when cooked in the right way. In our bistro, you’ll find a selection of plant based meals and cakes that will satisfy your taste buds without any of the nasty ingredients that work against your bodies natural state. We believe in fueling the body with whole foods, avoiding processed ingredients as much as we can.

All our cakes are gluten free. We chose to bake in this way since Eleanor’s mother is coeliac and struggled to find cake that was both vegan and gluten free, and when it was available it didn’t taste all that great. Eleanor spent a lot of time perfecting her gluten free and vegan baking, to the point that you can no longer taste the difference – her cakes taste amazing! Almost all of our menu can also be served gluten free; just tell us you would like your food made gluten free and we’ll get on it.*

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Our bistro is not just for life long plant eaters, it is for anyone who wants a delicious, filling, healthy meal. We have a seating area for those who want to sit in, and offer take away for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs a quick breakfast, lunch, cake or snack to take back to the office.

We serve high quality coffee from local roasterie Crosby Coffee (we think it’s the best in town, but you’ll need to try it yourself and let us know) that you can have with a choice of plant milks. We also serve a unique range of herbal teas from a London based independent tea company, Positivitea. Our teas help balance the chakras to help you feel positive, healthy and happy. They are also unique in flavour and so satisfying.

We change our menu frequently, to keep things fresh and seasonal. If you want to see our current you can find it HERE.

We hope you’ll visit us soon!


The Plant Academy Team



*Please be aware that our kitchen handles wheat and gluten, and so despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that your gluten free food is 100% free from gluten. Always make your allergies (e.g. gluten, nuts, sesame, soy etc.) known to your server before placing your order.