Get lost with me…

I’ve been struggling to find the words recently, to tell you what I and The Plant Academy are doing. Because honestly, I don’t know. I have hit this point of feeling lost, like I’m in a huge maze and there’s so many options and I’ve just sat my bum down in the centre with no idea which direction to choose. The Plant Academy has always been an honest and authentic business. I’ve shared more with you all than the average business owner shares with their customers and followers, I’ve felt called to do so, and I believe it’s been something that’s been appreciated by you all. So here I am, sharing my ‘what now’ update.
The other day, I went on a yoga course and I was witness to others stories, so much like my own. Stressed, overworking, sickness (mental and physical), and a search for an escape. An escape from the overwhelming nature of an average life. I listened, and it dawned on me that I wasn’t alone. It’s not just me that can’t handle the stress our society tells us is minimal, normal, acceptable and necessary. We have all fallen for the lies, that life has to be this way. We are suffering from a mass stress epidemic.
I have had so many messages and face to face conversations with you all, asking me to please not fade in to nothing after the closure of our lovely vegan cafe. And I promised not to. I promised I was here to stay. And I’m not about to break that promise. But it might feel to you that I am.
embracing that ‘lost_ feeling is the number one activity on The Plant Academy_s new schedule
Really, all I am doing is saying things are having a serious change here, and embracing that ‘lost’ feeling is the number one activity on The Plant Academy’s new schedule. It will be a disappointment to many of you that I am 100% not looking for a new location, in Southport or elsewhere. As I’ve said before, it’s not like it wasn’t or couldn’t be a success having a physical cafe, but it’s not for me. I gave it up because it was the wrong life decision for me going forward. Seasons change, I need to take life a little slower and take better care of myself.
In fact, I believe we all need to take life slower and take better care of ourselves.
For me, it’s time to take a step back and take a good look at everything and let my mind feel open again. As I said, I’ve always been honest and share a lot with you all, so with this in mind, I’ll fill you in on my plans to have no plans.

I’ve had this feeling of being lost in life many times in the short 25 years I’ve been on this planet, and always rush from one thing to the next in the hope it’s the right decision. I’ve had so many jobs, most of which I’ve only stuck out a few months before quitting or (on one occasion) getting let go. I’ve got both an undergraduate degree and a Masters degree, neither of which I use. I did one year of a PhD before quitting that, too. And then I jumped in to The Plant Academy, only to walk away from what I’d created after a little over a year.

I feel like if I carried on with The Plant Academy trying to force it to be something it wasn_t anymore, then the very heart and soul of what i_ve created would fade away.
But that ends here. I’m ready to do things differently. And I’m happy to go get more and more lost. So I’m going to do something radical (for me) and head off on my travels around Western Europe for a little while. I’ve no plan to stay for any period of time, so I’ll be back when I feel like it… I’ve never really travelled for an extended period of time, or taken any kind of ‘gap year’. And I’m excited to give myself that freedom. Andy and our little dog, Peanut, will be there with me for the ride, and together we want to carry on sharing with you. Sharing our stories of finding ourselves by getting more lost. We want to carry on creating amazing vegan food and recipes which we will share with you, as well as blog posts and *new to The Plant Academy* YouTube videos about plant based food, health, and travel. Of course we’ll keep posting regularly on Instagram and Facebook. But I’ll only be doing as much as I can before the stress monster creeps up…
Hopefully by working through my own stresses and dealing with that lost feeling, and sharing this with you all, I can help you work through the same issues, and be released from your own stress epidemic.
I feel like if I carried on with The Plant Academy trying to force it to be something it wasn’t anymore, then the very heart and soul of what i’ve created would fade away. And I love The Plant Academy far too much to let that happen to it. The Plant Academy and I are one. So I hope you’re happy to get used to me being me, in every way I try and be lost and find my way.
A close friend of mine told me that trying out different things is inspiring to others, she’s usually right (but don’t tell her that), so let’s hope it’s true.
Speak to you guys soon,
Ellie x